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Chair With Back Support

Chair With Back Support


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Product Details

A good computer chair should not only be comfortable to sit, but also should have a high degree of freedom in both the vertical and horizontal directions, that is, the adjustable range is larger.

It is essential to choose a comfortable chair. The good chair has dual pneumatic functions, which can adjust the height of the chair and adjust the pitch angle of the seat back.

Adjustable headrest

The flexibility of the head restraint can not be ignored, easy to adjust the headrest and choose the comfortable height

Ergonomic design chair back

The back of the chair adopts S-shaped curved surface design, which conforms to the human spine curve and rejects the backache caused by straight back.

Thick cotton cushion

Breathable, soft touch, natural and natural

One linkage handrail

Armrest curvature is just right, in line with the human body arm, naturally relaxed

Double security

Thicken the explosion-proof chassis, effectively improve the safety factor, and increase your safety

High load nylon claw

Corrosion resistance and high pressure

Soft PU wrapped anti-skid roller

Smooth and smooth, silent effect, no disturbance and no harm

StyleGaming Chair
MaterialSpecial patterned PU leather
ColorBlue, Orange, Black, Green
Suitable PlacesOffice, Home, Cyber Cafe;
Payment termL/C, T/T, Paypal
Warranty2 years from the date of purchase
Deliveryby sea, by air or by EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT

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