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Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chair


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Product Details

Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chair

The high-back full-back design of the product highlights a luxurious and noble temperament. This design seat compensates for the problem that most computer chairs have low backrests and the head and neck are not able to rest on the rest of the seat. The properly sized, adjustable back cushion maintains a right-angled sitting position for your hips and waist.

The T armrests are free to pull up and down, move left and right, and stretch up and down, which allows your wrist to rest on your hands with the most comfortable angle, especially when you hold the mouse on the keyboard.

The back of the chair is adjusted back so that the user can lie flat and then lock it with the switch on the left hand side without fear of falling back. When you are tired, you can simply pull down and lie down to rest.

The ergonomically designed high backrest allows the body's back contour to fit naturally on the chair, distributes the loading of the cervical spine and the thighs to the backrest and cushions, while giving the body a good support and protection to ease  the physical pressure after sedentary sitting. 

StyleGaming Chair
MaterialSpecial patterned PU leather
ColorBlue, Orange, Black, Green
Suitable PlacesOffice, Home, Cyber Cafe;
Payment termL/C, T/T, Paypal
Warranty2 years from the date of purchase
Deliveryby sea, by air or by EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT

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