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Activity of the grandstand?
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Unique ramp support system to provide the most stable and reliable load support; the largest lower interconnect rails, providing strong support, more balanced force; strong upper interconnect rails to ensure stable operation; easy and reliable lock design to prevent system accidents All the pillars are fixed with support bolts to ensure stability and reliability; one continuous molding of the main and deputy main support, to avoid the weld may cause damage and caused by accidents; pedal without exposed screws, hard slot and slot Joints, to ensure safety; step step with round guide angle design, and covered with fluorescent anti-skid, everywhere reflects the "people-oriented" design concept; in the bottom of the original structure of the original oblique support structure, this structure is effective in increasing the load Circumstances, reducing the system weight, to solve the activities of the stands too cumbersome, running for many years prone to system deformation problems. Rally brace with the support frame by the screw connection, increase the additional stability, inclined by the round edge processing, there is no sharp edge, increasing the safety of the stands. This design also allows the structural damage between each other to a minimum, oblique support and tension with the bar to ensure the stability of the system, and the playground floor has a good protection.

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