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Auditorium chair to buy two points
- Jun 09, 2017 -

First, the height, width, depth and viewpoint of the chair armrest should be reasonable.

Unacceptable handrail height will lead to agility of the shoulder. In addition to the height of the handrail, the width, depth, and point of view of the armrest pad are in great contact with the comfortable posture. When the person sitting on the chair reads the document or the newspaper from time to time, the arms on the armrest are often opened slightly Inverted eight characters in order to read the information; and write on the arm when the arm is often shortened back into the character is eight characters.

Second, breathable fabric materials, comfortable breathable safety of the chair surface is essential.

In the selection of appropriate chair surface raw materials, the first need to study the human body temperature and humidity comfort associated needs. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body will feel comfortable, the human body and the external environment adhere to the heat balance, neither sweating nor cold. When this balance is broken, the body will be chatter to produce more calories, perhaps sweating the heat to transpire the way out of the body, so whether the proper adherence to the body temperature or timely heat to become an important measure of chair information aims.