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Electric chair features
- Feb 20, 2018 -

1. fabric: fabric mix mix is a major feature of the gaming chair, according to the European experts seat comfort test results, the backrest is used car special soft leather cushion, the carbon fiber special car leather material, some still use special particle flanking car much acclaimed decorative cloth;

2, color: color mix mix is characteristic of Gaming Chair, from us can be seen in the picture, the gaming chair is relatively rich in color, with black and white plaid pattern concept, the perfect interpretation of the spirit of F1;

3, visual effects: Gaming Chair visual effect is relatively strong, the overall stylish atmosphere, not only practical and decorative is first-class, first-class Gaming Chair, to achieve a good seat from pragmatism to the perfect transition of Neo visualizm;

4, the steel skeleton upgrade: gaming with the general chair chair is not the same, the Gaming Chair optimization within the framework of the structure on the basis of the original, the whole skeleton of 1 mm thick, comfort upgrade, more secure.

5, high straight back: a straight back chair is characteristic of high gaming, the gaming chair backrest design high straight up low back most of the computer chair at the head and neck can not rely on the rest of the problem, and gaming chair would be able to maintain body posture without fatigue;

6, adjustable armrest of chair armrest: gaming is free debugging, the elbow long time operation of the keyboard and mouse was 90 degrees. This can be very good to avoid the long time in a sitting posture state, and lead to the occurrence of shoulder and wrist fatigue caused by long time and shoulder hump phenomenon