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Ergonomic application of cinema chair
- Jun 09, 2017 -

First, to determine the human and interpersonal space required for indoor activities based on the ergonomic data in the measurement, from the human scale, action domain, psychological space and interpersonal space, to determine the scope of space.

Second, to determine the cinema chairs, facilities, body, scale and the scope of its use of the main basis for furniture used by people, so their body, the scale must be based on the human body as the main basis; the same time, people in order to use these furniture and facilities around The minimum space for activities and use must be left, and these requirements are scientifically addressed. The smaller the room space, the longer the stay, the higher the content of the test requirements, such as cars, cabin, cabin and other internal space of the design of the vehicle.

Third, to provide the body to adapt to the physical environment of the best parameters Indoor physical environment is the indoor thermal environment, sound environment, light environment, gravity environment, radiation environment, interior design with the above requirements of the scientific parameters in the design It is possible to have the right decision.

Fourth, the visual elements of the measurement for the indoor visual environment design to provide scientific basis for the human eye vision, vision, light perception, color vision is the visual elements, ergonomics through the measured data, the indoor lighting design, interior color design , The best area of vision to provide a scientific basis.