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How to choose a good Gaming Chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Choose a good gaming chair, first look at his price, generally speaking, good gaming chairs are relatively high cost, stable structure and native will generally use some of the steel frame of the sponge, so more than 700 of the price is reasonable, the basic internal cheaper is not too good.

And then you can see what people are using. General occupation players and games on the gaming demand anchor chair is the highest, will be in the electric chair to sit for a long time every day; then the game player and ordinary consumers, so look at the players base chair and occupation live chair is more reliable. I know most of the top professional teams use a proud chair.

The other is a look at his page details, cushion thickness (about 10cm), arm function (preferably not concave), backrest structure (preferably all steel, some with green strips or hollow, long time instability), Ipomoea material (carbon steel bearing is currently the best). Then if you want to buy the electric chair lift, to buy a certain kind of certified SGS pressure bar