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How to choose the office chair of the ergonomic computer chair
- May 11, 2018 -

When we sit in the office, we see the "S" form on the side of the spine. It can be divided into five parts: cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, sacral vertebra and caudal vertebra. With the gravity of human activity, the pressure is gradually increased, and the spine gradually forms three physiological changes after birth, which is cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar flexure. The bending of the cervical spine and the bending of the lumbar spine are protruding respectively. Therefore, we should consider the function of the computer chair and the ergonomic requirements in the selection of computer chairs so that we can improve the health and work efficiency by improving the sitting position.

Nowadays, there are more and more adjustable functions of computer chairs in the market. So what are the functions of these adjustable functions when we use them? What effect can we play when we use it? I'll analyze it one by one.

The adjustable head pillow is generally determined by the needs of the individual. The fixed head pillow can only play a simple supporting role on the neck and head, and there is no special human function. The adjustable head pillow is designed based on the principle of ergonomics. It can realize the height, angle and adjustment of the head pillow, which can satisfy the different people and the different people. The head occipital surface has a certain degree of arc, which can keep the cervical curve of the body perfectly fitted to the head pillow. The soft surface material of the head pillow can not only improve the comfort, but also avoid the excessive hardness of the pillow, causing headache and dizziness in the neck blood flow.

The back of the chair and the waist

The main function of the back of the computer chair is to support the back and waist of the human body. A good computer chair can effectively relieve the fatigue of the back and waist, so the comfort of the back of the computer chair is very important.

The right posture is to keep the upper body straight and back slightly back, which can not only relieve the tired feeling of the sedentary, but also correct the sitting posture, protect the lumbar spine well, effectively reduce the probability of the disease of the lumbar vertebra, so the design of the chair back of the computer chair must be consistent with the spine curve of the body sitting posture.

First, the design of the back of a computer chair must be fitted with the curve of the human spine. Secondly, the position and elasticity of the waist pillow can be adjusted. The curvilinear design of the back of the chair and the spine of the body ensures that we keep the normal curve of the spine in the right posture, and effectively balance the back pressure; the elastic waist pillow design enables us to make a perfect support for the lumbar spine, whether it is in the case of writing in the case of volt or on the keyboard. The position of the pillow can be adjusted mainly for people of different shapes. The elastic adjustment can meet the requirements of different groups of people for sitting on the computer chair.