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Old elm furniture how to distinguish between true and false
- Jun 09, 2017 -

1, the old elm furniture shape from the appearance to the United States, the shape of furniture, whether it is cumbersome or simple, see whether it is durable, shiny, not easy to deformation.

2, some furniture is a good appearance of wood, which is Zamu, so you have to look back and forth, to distinguish between inside and outside the wood is the same, the most important thing is to see the wood, wood is not the same grain is not the same, then Nail pinch, elm is generally very strong, if the hardness does not reach a certain strength, it would be a good consideration is not good material.

3, to check, with the amount of the furniture is only the vertical and horizontal places are ruler to see if the symmetry.

4, a good old elm furniture, the hardware is very important, and now the general closet door is spring hinge, you repeatedly close, see how the intensity of the hinge, the intensity is too small to prove that the hinge is poor , Of course, there is a very good hinge effort is not small, the design is very reasonable.