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Old elm furniture how to do pest control work
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Old elm furniture texture tough, texture and pretty beautiful, very grade, is now very popular type of furniture. We all know that furniture needs to do maintenance work, in addition to doing routine maintenance, pest control work is one of the more important work. Since the old elm furniture belong to the wooden furniture to do pest control work is certainly very necessary.

1, due to elm sweet and easy to move insects in the new furniture to buy back after the home must be pest control; it is best to brush a thin layer of pest control paint to protect the furniture is not insects;

2, in the old elm furniture cabinet and drawer inside the more put some camphor ball and solid insecticide;

3, often with a clean soft wipes along the grain texture back and forth to wipe.

4, sunny days will have been moth-proof wooden cabinet on the sun, with a brush or cotton yarn dipped in diesel all the wooden cabinet coated again. Drying two or three hours and then coated 1, and then sun, to see the borer died in the hole can be. And then washed with detergent powder, dried.