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Selection of office chairs and office chairs
- May 06, 2018 -

Office chairs are found in many companies, factories, administrative centers and so on. But not all office chairs are the same type. So what kind of office chairs are there? How do you choose office chairs? Let's take a look at it!

Office chair introduction:

The office chair, English office chair, is defined in a narrow sense as a chair in a sitting position. It is defined in a broad sense as a chair for the office, including a large chair, a middle chair, a guest chair, a staff chair, a chair, a chair, a chair, a training chair, etc.


From the perspective of material composition, it can be divided into: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, cloth office chair, mesh cloth office chair, plastic office chair and so on.

From the type of use, it can be divided into: boss chair, work chair, staff chair, chair, conference chair, reception chair, ergonomic chair and so on.

From the use of the situation, there are offices, open staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, books and information rooms, training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitories, staff canteen and so on.

How to choose an office chair:

Comfortable office chairs are essential in the purchase of office furniture. A good chair should be adjusted freely, and the maximum comfort can be achieved by adjusting the backrest, chair surface and handrails. Although the seats with these functions are expensive, they are worth the money.

There are many styles of office chairs, and they are more free to use. As long as they are used correctly, the same office chair can play different functions in different spaces. However, compared to the backrest chairs used in restaurants or study rooms, users need to be in the office environment.

1 the office chair depth is more formal occasions, people sitting posture is more sitting. When sitting upright, you need to sit in front of the chair in a "shallow" position. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation can not be done deeper. So when you buy, you should take a seat first, try to feel the depth of the whole body when you sit there, and you will know if it meets the needs of the office.

2 the office chair - the height of the chair and the foot of the user's feet long again, of course, in addition to the chair of the high chair, the seat height of the general chair will not be too exaggerated, but if the unit is really short people have to consider.

3 when the height of the armrest is seated, if it is the habit of hanging the hands of the person, may wish to choose a lower arm or no handrail office chair; but if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair, then the armrest is higher, the seat with a deeper seat is probably the best choice.

4 the height of the seat back of the office chair is like the person who is sitting on the back of the seat. In addition to the choice of no handrails and backrest stools, you can also choose a low handrail and a low back chair. If you like to put the center of gravity on the back and rely on the back, you may choose a high chair on the back, at this time, you can also see the height of the backrest. It's near the neck. Sometimes the back height of the chair is near the neck, but it makes the user habitually put the neck on the back of the neck with a ninety degree angle. In this way, it is easy to cause the injury of the neck.