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Solid wood furniture should be how to maintain
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Solid wood furniture is now very popular a class of furniture products, has a very unique flavor, but also need to use the relevant maintenance work, today to the common solid wood furniture as an example to introduce its conservation work.

First, placed in the furniture should pay attention to stay away from heat, at least about 1 meter. Solid wood furniture from the heat source too close, will soon make the furniture within the wood due to evaporation of the furniture caused by the joints, joints and joints, and lead to deformation of the mortar, panel cracking. Therefore, the best in the back of the furniture, rubbing the inside of the beeswax.

Second, the indoor as much as possible to increase the humidity. Such as often with a damp cloth or use a humidifier, fish, which is good for people and furniture.

Third, the furniture placed in the chair to put flat, not four legs in a plane. Furniture as a whole to maintain the vertical with the ground, or easily lead to the overall furniture and doors and other parts of the deformation, and ultimately cause seam slit, shorten the life of furniture.

Fourth, do not use wet cloth to wipe the furniture dust. Should first brush the furniture surface dust gently, and then dry cotton cloth wipe, so as not to damage the furniture surface dust particles.

Fifth, the best move when moving furniture move, do not pull hard pull, or easy to cause the bottom of the leg split.

Six, there are drawers of furniture, it is recommended in the bottom of the drawer or drawer on the drop of a few drops of wax, which will reduce friction, extend the life of furniture.

Seven, the furniture is best not directly on the high humidity next to the objects.

Solid wood chairs furniture maintenance work mainly includes these seven aspects, compared to ordinary wood this solid wood furniture life is more long-term, and pay more attention to the concept of nature, relatively high degree of environmental protection, is a very worthy of the use of a class Furniture products.