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The chair is really necessary? Wouldn't it be more comfortable to use a sofa?
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Some people buy gaming chairs, because it is the human body, will feel very comfortable, so in the office; and some are students, put in the bedroom, which do not care to have the human body engineering, mainly because of being attracted to the appearance; there is a class, is the occupation as a player an occupation player, they have no choice, generally according to the race schedule, some sitting on the line; of course, there is a class of purely game enthusiasts, feel this kind of chair is relatively cool, heart and so on. I want to say is, whether you are what kind of person, in the choice of the purchase, we need to have a certain understanding of gaming chair. Instead of blindly following the wind, it is better to choose the right one for the most important. Otherwise, you have to be guilty. Buy Gaming Chair in the selection, the purpose is often the only one, that is "comfortable". Here I first pick a few closely related issues. (1) from bottom to top: the chair's low end pressure bar and explosion-proof plate pressure bar are mainly seen in its level, and the level three or three is safe. This particular note is a: because of the high cost of nitrogen, some unscrupulous traitors using compressed space instead of nitrogen filled chamber pressure rod, compressed air and oxygen, when air and lubricating oil in a high-pressure environment in contact with each other, explosion and combustion chemical reaction. This piece of explosion-proof board, in general, will be configured. Cushion generally adopts high density custom sponge, of course, may also be some unscrupulous merchants will use it to cut corners, using recycled cotton, so before buying must not be cheap. The backrest needs consideration is whether the human body, rather than just using the pillow and pillow to support, the two part is often the key has become the object to be fooled. We should know the human body, you should have the curve of human body, but according to my research since the Gaming Chair now able to have human engineering is still relatively few, or even simply do not have the human body engineering is common. So, back this piece, put aside the headrest and cushion those Gaming Chair, the backrest is straight, so sit comfortably? You must be sure to know that. As for the armrest, the rear angle, whether or not it can rise and fall, these basically are all the same, this is here to say no more. Finally, I want to say is, do not buy and buy gaming chairs, depending on your. Everyone's ideas are different, and I just before you choose to buy, according to some opinions gaming chairs can share with you.