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The choice of the office chair to get rid of the computer disease
- May 06, 2018 -

Office computer chair purchase first strokes: chair seat accords with human body curve.

The reason why the human body is comfortable with the computer chair is that the furniture design follows the principle of ergonomics, making the computer chair not only to support the weight of the body, but also to reduce the pressure on the body because of the bad posture and too long sitting.

The popular ergonomic computer chair in the market is Ergonomics Based Computerized ergonomic chair. The three - degree curved seat, designed according to the sitting position curve,

It can increase the contact area between thighs, buttocks and chairs, and relieve pressure. Using three key adjustment, flexible and convenient. The cushion is thick and concave, and has a good sense of sitting. The mesh material has good air permeability, heat dissipation and comfort.

Office computer chair purchase second strokes: backrest related to spinal health

Long term work will cause chronic injuries to the spine of office workers. Moreover, once spinal disease is formed, it will become a stubborn disease that has not been rapidly eradication for many years.

Therefore, when choosing a computer chair, we must see whether it has a protective effect on the spine.

Taking ergonomic computer chair as an example, its backrest curve is in line with the natural spine curve of the body sitting. At the same time, ergonomics computer chair backrest is usually equipped with ergonomic design cushion.

It can adjust itself according to need, and enable the lumbar vertebrae to be effectively supported, so as to relieve the pressure of dispersing the lumbar vertebrae and protect the health of the neck and shoulder.

Third recruitment of office computer chairs: individualized adjustment

The science and technology of the excellent computer chair is that it is not a stagnant product, but a personalized design that can be changed according to the consumers' form and needs.

This is also an important reason why ergonomic chairs can lead continuously for many years. It is understood that ergonomic computer chair adopts air pressure height adjustment device.

The height of chair surface can be adjusted freely according to the height, working nature and environment of office furniture users (80 degrees sitting on the floor).

Office computer chair purchase fourth strokes: multi-function dynamic adjustment

The best feature of ergonomic computer chair is that it can rely on angle adjustment. The ergonomic computer chair has a synchronous tilting structure.

According to the physiological structure of the human body, the seat is moved to the center (the leading edge of the seat), so that the bottom of the feet of the user is placed smoothly on the ground. Also,

It also has an elbow - shaped tilting structure that allows office furniture users to rely on the back of a different angle by adjusting the angle of the back of the chair, such as an angle at the lunch break, and another angle at work.