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The daily maintenance of cinema chairs
- Jun 09, 2017 -

First, the fabric for the fabric of the cinema chair

Fabric, is a variety of furniture expression, the most commonly used in various seats and sofas, which is characterized by comfortable, rich colors, diverse texture. Love gifted chair used by the fabric is equipped with a flame retardant, wear-resistant, anti-fade the advantages. Therefore, the maintenance is quite stress, the general common method: If the cinema chair stained with dust, sand or particles, then use a vacuum cleaner, along the fabric texture gently brush to the end, but can not use the bristles Brush, to avoid injury to the fabric. If you are stained with stains, such as coffee, fruit juice, etc., you can use neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, and then use a clean soft cloth to absorb water can be used, but the use of detergent should carefully read the amount of instructions to avoid Excessive lead to fabric fading.

Second, the fabric for the leather or PU leather cinema chair

Leather has a good moisturizing and ventilation function, commonly used in high-level sofa and VIP theater chairs, etc., which is characterized by easy to fade after dyeing, with elegant colors, excellent touch and beautiful appearance. Therefore, the general maintenance as long as the use of clean and soft cloth can gently wipe the leather surface can also use the neutral cleaning fluid to wipe, but do not rub hard, so as not to damage the leather surface and can not be durable. If the maintenance is long-term use of the dirt, the best way to clean up the use of warm water is a small amount of neutral detergent first wipe, and then wring dry clean cloth to wipe the cleaning fluid, and finally polished with a dry cloth Dry and then use the right amount of leather maintenance agent evenly wipe, until the surface can be as bright as new.