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The installation steps and detailed methods of Gaming Chair
- Feb 20, 2018 -

First install the foot frame and install the foot frame and the rubber wheel. The safety lock here to check a wheel is intact.

Install the tripod, we have to install the seat armrest, install handrails should pay attention to the tightness of screws, not too tight, not too loose, loose arm movement, tight and smooth silk.

After installing the armrest, we will start installing the most important component cushion. When we install, we only need to connect the cushion and the tripod. Though this is the most important step, it is not difficult.

When the cushion is installed, the back seat is installed now. The back seat is connected by a steel bar and the steel bar is connected well, then the steel bar and the cushion are connected.

Now connect the steel bar and the back to the back, we should pay attention to the tightness of the screw, besides this, remember to install the decorative cover.

Now basically completed, only the last step is to install the pillow, pillow, the installation can also be placed in fifth steps of installation, installation of pillow is very simple, is a triangular screw hand tight on the line.

The chair is installed, who used and who knows, Elite Gaming Chair than ordinary computer chair and is durable, human engineering, it is very comfortable to sit on the chair, now in the domestic gaming is not much to do, many anchors are used in this.