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The selection and maintenance of the rotatable office chair
- May 11, 2018 -

Health rotary chair purchasing knowledge

Color: it's good to look comfortable

It's common in red, blue, and orange. Avoid using red healthy swivel chair in bedroom or study room, so as not to be too active. Orange vitality, this color swivel chair is suitable for entertainment rooms, but for bedroom, study is not suitable. Blue gives a feeling of tranquility.

Function: choose from space

The high back swivel chair is suitable for home users, and can convey a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere at home. Streamline modeling, strong color contrast, strong visual beauty swivel chair, is very suitable for singletons or family studios, studios.  The leisure chair with strong personal style is suitable for sitting in the corner of the living room or balcony.

Quality: omni-directional inspectio

First need to sit on the table to try, feel the comfort of the chair, and then drag a distance on the ground, a good rotary chair of the wheel is more stable, not skidding, then use the hand to check the surface, cotton surface elasticity is good, the quality is better, if the pressure down for a long time can not play, it indicates the inner quality. There is a problem. Finally, check the quality of the pressure mats.

Price: not the only measure

The price difference of swivel chair is very big, expensive to reach tens of thousands of yuan, cheap a few hundred yuan, some even have tens of yuan only. Buyers can choose different grades and price swivel chairs according to their own economic level and home needs. However, the price is not the only standard to measure the good and bad of the rotary chair. The key also has to examine the quality and function of the rotating chair.

Cleaning and maintenance knowledge of rotary chair

1. Vacuum cleaner is often used to dust the swivel chair to keep the surface clean.

2, for the dirty place, use dry cleaning agent or omnipotent remover. The surface of the general transfer is made of leather material, so at this point, the maintenance is similar to the sofa.

3, you can use fiber spray wax to spray on the sofa surface to protect the surface of the swivel chair from deep pollution.

4. When the swivel chair is too dirty, it is better to ask professional cleaning company to wash it. The medium and high grade sofa needs washing once a year.

The bearings of the revolving chair should also be checked regularly. If one day it is found that it is not strong enough, or if it feels like sitting there, it will be repaired.