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The use of school tables and chairs taboo
- Jun 09, 2017 -

1, do not pull hard in the handling of hard pull, should be light lift light; placed should be flat and stable, if the ground uneven, to the legs and mats to prevent damage to the mortise structure;

2, do not put on the sun exposure, also bogey too dry place, to prevent cracking of wood cracking;

3, do not put in a very wet place, so as not to wet the wet wood, long easy rotten, drawers will not pull;

4, do not rinse with water or wipes the plywood produced by the table and chairs, should not be soaked in alkaline water to prevent the folder scattered plastic or degumming;

5, do not use the same color with the table and chairs of the original paint and paint mixed with putty into the cracks in the cracks in the tables and chairs, so as not to leave scars;

6, do not use alkaline or water washing tables and chairs or desktop placed on high concentrations of alcohol, banana water and just boiled water and other hot things to prevent damage to the paint.

Note that these daily use taboo, can better protect the students desks and chairs are not damaged. Pay attention to the air circulation, relatively dry place, do not close to the fire or wet walls, to avoid sun exposure, or likely to cause premature aging of the desk and chair, affecting the service life.