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What is the recommendation of a computer chair for ergonomic office chairs about thousands of yuan?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Now the ergonomic chair on the market is all kinds of, people can not choose, this is mainly for tracing Jiedi ergonomic chairs do not understand can lead to some confusion in the choice; here we take the so-called cognitive ergonomic office chairs thousand yuan is going on? First of all, when the body is sitting, the weight of the body is mainly borne by the hip bone. Therefore, for a long time sitting posture, the cushion must have sufficient liner and proper hardness, so as to distribute the pressure of body weight to the area of the sciatic tubercle. You can take a look at the seat part of the ergonomics seat. It can keep you sitting for a long time and not so uncomfortable. Of course, the premise is that the height should be adjusted moderately. Second, the waist, the ergonomic seat can provide support for the lumbar spine, appropriately lower back tension. It is not easy to do this, because the angle of the seat, the width, the depth, the tilt of the back, and so on, all affect the force of the lumbar spine. And different jobs, some need to bend properly, and some need to be all attached to the back. Sometimes the engineering seats you buy may be unable to support your waist because of the nature of your work. It's because you didn't let it play this role. The shape of an ergonomic chair is actually designed according to our physiological and spinal radians. The selected material has excellent ductility and can be quickly recovered to the original state. High tech materials and advanced engineering can cater to all types of people with minimal adjustment. Furthermore, the risk of fatigue, pain and discomfort caused by bad sitting posture is greatly reduced. When sitting in an ergonomic chair, the angle between our torso and thighs is much larger than the angle on the traditional chair, and the legs are tilted forward. Such a design can also tilt the pelvis forward, so as to maintain the physiological and natural waist curvature of the human body, and help the back to maintain normal physiological curve, so as to reduce the muscle tension and spinal deformation caused by sedentary. When the angle between the trunk and thighs open, with the traditional equal to or less than 90 degrees angle of different posture, which can keep the error posture relieve muscle tension, reduce the compression of the vessels, to maintain blood circulation and especially the overall The new supersedes the old., lower limb blood circulation of lower limbs is one of the reasons for feeling cold or physical which is after sitting. Finally, if you want to learn more or want to recommend a word, welcome to contact me: