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Student Desks And Chairs Commonly Used Desktop Materials
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Student desks and chairs Desktop panels are commonly used in three kinds of materials, they are multi-layer plywood, molded boards, blockboard. One of the multi-layer plywood generally plywood, penta-board, nine plywood, etc., is a layer is a layer. A layer of thickness is 1mm, each layer of veneer are 90 ° vertical, so that both increase the strength, but also reduce the deformation, mainly used in the outer surface, such as curved place, good bending. Molded plate is also called the plastic plate, usually choose high-quality MDF, milling, sanding, the surface through the principle of vacuum suction, the PVC film close to the formation of a waterproof performance, environmental protection , Modeling and color texture variety of advantages. Blockboard commonly known as large core board, is made of two pieces of plastic plate from the middle of the pressure from the wood. The middle of the board is made of high quality natural wood board after heat treatment, processed into a certain size of the wood, made by the puzzle machine stitching. Stitching after the two sides of the board covered two high-quality veneer, and then by the cold, hot press made after pressure. Compared with the particleboard, medium density fiberboard, its natural wood characteristics more in line with the requirements of human nature. It has a light weight, easy processing, grip nail force is good, no deformation, etc., is the interior decoration and high-grade furniture production of the ideal material.

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