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The Choice Of Color For Student Desks And Chairs
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Student desks and chairs in the purchase process, in addition to choose its quality and practical value, in its specific use of perception effect also has a lot of restrictions on the requirements. One of them is the premise of the use of quantitative, desks and chairs in the overall layout of the effect should be clean and uniform effect. This is from the perspective of knowledge that is fundamentally a matter of seriousness.

The color of the students desks and chairs from a wide range should not use too bright color, of course, kindergarten to stimulate the use of children in order to stimulate the innocent personality of the children's tables and chairs used in addition. This is from the people's eyes easily in a long time under the bright color stimulation is easy to produce fatigue state, for the absorption of knowledge to absorb digestion is already very unfavorable. Gentle colors, although easy to accept but also prone to lazy emotions and psychological, is not conducive to timely digestion of knowledge to obtain effective information is not conducive to long transport development. And too solemn color is very easy to cause a high degree of oppression and tension, the same will be people in a very short period of time fatigue. So the choice of color, the designers and manufacturers are more willing to choose a moderate but yet dignified color, the common yellow wood grain is the case.