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The Classification Of Desks And Chairs
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Desks and chairs by age to sub-points: kindergarten desks and chairs, primary school students desks and chairs, middle school students desks and chairs, college desks and chairs;

Read the above description, you basically have to understand how to buy desks and chairs

1, the best choice also has the following qualifications of the unit to buy desks and chairs: through environmental certification (ISO14001-2004) units. Through the national compulsory safety certification (3C certification) units.

2, do not just look at the price and pictures, manufacturers are doing things with conscience, only the wrong to buy, no wrong to sell. Some business with recycled material or sub-material instead of raw materials or the same thing inside the amount of raw materials plus less.

3, try to choose a good reputation, qualified all units to buy.

4, the purchase of desks and chairs, quality and safety is the first, and now parents are quite high consciousness of friends.