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The Office Chair Is Good Or Bad
- Jun 09, 2017 -

1, the office chair of the study of different sitting, the human intervertebral disc pressure and muscle load is a contradiction between the body. When the straight waist, the body to maintain the "S" type, the spine to keep the body standing when the most natural posture, intervertebral disc pressure is small, but because of the seat "h" shape limitations, so that people's muscle load increases. When the bending waist, although the reduction of muscle load, but also increased the internal pressure of the disc, this sitting will naturally make people's spine bending, legs, waist, buttocks burden increased, sedentary produce back pain.

2, the emergence of modern kneeling in 1977 by the Norwegian designer Peter. Aobu Wei Ke from the ergonomic point of view of the design of the "BALANS" series of chairs, breaking the human thousands of years of traditional sitting, the " Sitting and sitting "and" foot and sitting "sitting in one, began a modern kneeling seat of the river. Kneeling posture, the human body slightly forward, the spine closest to the natural state of the human spine standing, so as to effectively prevent the spine bending. And because the body weight evenly distributed in the buttocks, thighs and knees, blood circulation and nerve tissue is not too much pressure, contribute to the body's blood circulation and breathing improvement. However, kneeling seats in the variability is not satisfactory. The user working in the kneeling chair, always maintain a forward position, and it is difficult to change the sitting position for rest, prolonged use will also cause the user's muscle fatigue.