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Plastic Chair In Life Or Family We Clean To Pay Attention To What
- Jun 09, 2017 -

1, of course, is the first thing to know the raw materials of the chair, but today's chairs are usually chairs are solid wood and iron-based, stool surface is leather art may be fabric, in the clean time is not the same raw materials, the same.

2, if it is leather art chair, then, in the leather art clever when the best now undisturbed position to try to see if it is not faded. If there is faded state, then use water to dilute; special dirty water can be used when the temperature, so that natural dry. 

3, solid wood chair feet, you can directly scrub with a dry cloth, and then play some cleaning agent, do not use too moist cloth cloth, and then exposed to dry, so that will make the internal solid decay of solid wood.

4, usually cloth stool cleaning method that is spray cleaning agent, quietly scrub. Especially dirty, then you can use warm water to clean the cleaning agent. Do not brush the brush at random, so the cloth is very simple look very old. Of course, usually large