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What Are The Different Kinds Of Gaming Chairs?
- Nov 10, 2017 -


Rocker Gaming Chair: These are the type of chairs that sit directly on the floor with no legs or wheels. The rocker style gaming chair is L shaped, and super comfortable. What is better than leaning way back and enjoying your favorite game?

The best rockers come totally packed with features. The great ones come with a built in wireless system, RCA stereo inputs, built in speakers and subwoofer, memory foam padding, among other fancy stuff. Some can even wirelessly connect to each other for a full-immersion gaming experience with your buddies.

Pedestal Gaming Chair: These gaming chairs are very similar to rockers, but they come with an additional pedestal under the seat. If you have the need to swivel around or would rather sit up higher off the ground, then you should choose a pedestal chair over a rocker. The same features of the rocker gaming chair can be found in a pedestal gaming chair.

PC Gaming Chair: A PC or computer gaming chair is similar to a normal office or computer chair, but more tailored for gaming. Ergonomic features such as a lumbar pad, headrest, and comfortable arm rests. Some like the DXRacer gaming chair are actually built from real racecar seat materials, and can lean back a full 180 degrees without tipping over. Additional side supports will have you gaming in comfort for hours on end.

Racer Gaming Chairs: If you are into racing games, then you should definitely check into a racing gaming chair. Some of these racer chairs come with a steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob for a true racing experience. Others only come with the seat and framework to attach your own steering wheel and controls if you already have those parts. They are adjustable so any height person can reach the pedals and steering wheel. The coolest ones will even come with a real race car seat!

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming: Bean bag chairs aren’t just for hippies anymore! Many gamers choose to lounge in a bean bag in front of their gaming console. Now you won’t get all the features like built in speakers, but you can’t get much more comfortable than a bean bag!